At Jokers Ink we are serious about Quality, Price and most of all Service. Our quality computerised embroidery and screen printing will forward your corporate identity, give your employees a professional image, advertise your business where ever you go, promote your sporting club on the field and keep the schools in uniform all year round.  
Package Deals:
The specials this month are, order 20 caps and you get a free pig. That's an incredible amount of bacon.

Great Promotional Ideas:
Turns any novice into a marketing wizard, hand out free promotional products with your name on it. It will turn charity into sales! read more...

Be a Rockstar with your bands logo emblazoned upon heaps of T-shirts and Caps, just for you and your groupies to wear. Or better still sell them to your fans, so they can be as cool as You!

The Bucket:
In the rare event you don't like your cool swag of gear you have just received, feel free to throw it in The Bucket. We'll use it for rags later on."Waste not, want not". But more than likely you'll want to tell everyone how cool you look in your new threads. So why not drop us an email and on your behalf we'll host it in The Bucket. Thats why we're Serious about your Image.

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